Ready to learn how to enhance your genius state and live in flow?

I'm Julia, and as a speaker and consultant I present on

 mindfulness, flow, alignment, & self-compassion.

I present at:

Corporate Settings

(LinkedIn, WeWork, Convene)

Panels & Retreats



  • How to access the flow state and create cohesion in our identity

    I help participants gain clarity in their personal and professional choices so they can thrive. 

  • Ways to create alignment between values and actions.

    Participants are seeking to create impact in areas that matter.

  • How to live in the present moment and improve their communication styles across different management levels.

    When Companies have introduced other coaching or consulting services but employee feedback was average, and attendance and engagement was low.

  • High engagement, positive feedback, and connection to the material as it relates to their professional responsibilities.

    Organizations are seeking how to connect sales with mindfulness and improve company morale with a new pitch.

Photo from Presentation at LinkedIN in New York City on Flow State, Certainty, and Alignment in August 2019 (Approximately 50 attendees)

That's where I come in.

I can instill hope in your employees and help your

retreat and panel attendees 

learn how to be unstoppable!

What if your employees felt valued and taken care of?

I can help them:

  • Feel like every choice is the right one.

  • Experience clarity in task-management.

  • Transform their work flow.

  • Uncover their strengths as leaders and managers.

  • Fall in love with work again, or for the first time.

  • Create alignment with the company's values and their own personal values.

  • Uncover purpose to have the most impact.


Hi, I'm Julia!

After spending the last 14 years in New York City, I know the pulse of this city inside and out. As a therapist to executives and high-achievers, I've seen the impact of stress and living in this concrete jungle and I've personally witnessed thousands of high-achievers transform from stressed and overwhelmed to balanced and energized.


As a corporate wellness consultant I have spoken at LinkedIn, WeWork, The Yard, Energi, Columbia University, NYU, and UPenn on topics of:

  • Mindfulness
  • Flow & Alignment
  • Wellness from the inside out
  • Choosing Certainty
  • Gaining Clarity
  • Core Values
  • Goal seeking and attainment
  • Breath-work and tapping
  • Balance in NYC 
  • Surfing & Flow

I present as a keynote speaker, on panels, at retreats, and at conferences on topics of how to find your flow state, mindfulness practices, self-improvement, burnout prevention, and living life on our own terms, not how society or social media tell us we should.


I've also contributed as a mindfulness and relationship expert for Huffpost, Bustle, Washington Post, Elite Daily, Reader's Digest, Fatherly, Grown and Flown, Rewire, Money-ish, Stylecaster, and PsychCentral.


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