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I'm Julia, and I help high-achieving women stop second-guessing themselves so they can live with

certainty & no regrets!

When women come to me, they're usually feeling...

  • Like they are missing out on life.

    They are worried about their personal and professional choices to date and wonder if they have already opted out of life too much to be happy and successful in the way they always envisioned as little girls.

  • Like they are straddling the world of Instagram and reality

    They sense that there is more to life than likes, followers, and sponsorship, but they don't know how to get back to reality.

  • They are worried they will end up childless and partnerless because of the choices they make today.

    They would give up anything to feel more confident in their choices but they worry it's too late.

  • They have "tried everything else" but still feel that gut wrenching self-doubt.

    They have gone to therapy, processed past traumas, taken courses, read self-help books, but nothing has helped them enough. 

  • They are ready for one last-stitch effort to create the life they want, NOW.

    They are ready to block out time in their schedules, do the work, stay focused, and prioritize their own well-being, TODAY.

That's where I come in.

We all want to live without regrets.

Let me teach you how. 

What if you could have purpose and certainty right now?

  • Feel like every choice is the right one.

    And that in the truest sense, your past choices were also right.

  • Find purpose and direction

    Not become overwhelmed by a surplus of choices, but feel confident in what you're choosing today for YOU.

  • Create a life on your terms, beyond your wildest dreams.

    The partner you want, the lifestyle you want, the income you deserve, the sense of serenity you long for.


    What if I said it's all within your reach?

That's what I help women become:

The version of themselves they always envisioned being,

but didn't know they could become.

As a Transformational Coach, I will help you: 

  • Trust your gut, by learning how to trust your inner self-awareness 

    I will walk you through mindfulness techniques that are accessible to you, and can relieve the stress of your everyday life, so that you can make space for creativity, success, love, and adventure.

  • Move from wishy-washy to assertive AF

    I will teach you how to say what you mean,

    Mean what you say,

    and don't say it meanly to get what you want, need, and deserve

  • Learn how to celebrate your choices, instead of second-guessing.

    Imagine living a life where you're not comparing your choices to anyone around you in real life or instagram. I'll help you get there, so you can celebrate your life!

    Meet Your Transformational Coach

    Hi, I'm Julia!

    I've lived in NYC for the better part of 13 years where I have embraced city-life while traveling and studying in Nepal, Ghana, Chile, Morocco, Hawaii and probably 20 other destinations. 


    I have discovered how to balance savoring the here-and-now by embracing adventures here & abroad.


    I have been a meditation practitioner for13 years and I'm a professor of Mindfulness at Columbia University. 


    I present on panels, at retreats and at events on topics of mindfulness, self-improvement, burnout prevention, and living life on our own terms, not how society or social media tell us we should.


    To those that know me, I am a goal-setter and will have your back to support you to meet your goals on your timeline. 

    • I'm a licensed therapist

      I've loved my work as a therapist for the last decade, but coaching allows me to reach the women who don't are looking at the here-and-now and the future, more than staring at the past.

    • I'm a proud mom.

      My taught me more about balance, juggling, and being present than 14 years of meditation and mindfulness practices.

    • I'm a surfer and athlete

      You'll see me running races in Central Park and, surfing in Hawaii, Morocco, Israel, California, and New Jersey. I am competitive with my own bottom line, always seeking to be more present in the way I exercise.

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